Pre-Speaking Rituals: Short But Sweet Ways to Prime Yourself for Presenting

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Having and following a preparatory ritual has proven a powerful tool for putting yourself in the best frame of mind for many kinds of activities. World-class professional boxer Manny Pacquaio prays in his ring corner before every fight as part of his emotional preparations. Tim Ferris, bestselling author of “The 4-Hour Workweek,” listens to Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech each Monday morning to amp himself up for the week ahead. Before hitting the hay, some people take a warm bath, read a book, or listen to calming music to signal their bodies that it’s time to slow down and take a rest. Read more

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Presentation Fashion Tip: Look Professional, Credible, and Simple

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presentation fashion tip

The main reason numerous articles (including this one) have been written about dressing up for presentations lies in the fact that people are attracted to beauty. In one classic experiment in social psychology, male and female college students were shown photos of people who displayed different levels of attractiveness. The results of this survey showed the good-looking people were consistently thought of more positively. That’s not too surprising in itself, but the participants also assumed the more attractively presented individuals had more pleasing personalities, that they were more likely to land good jobs, and would be better relationship partners.

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10 Presentation and Public Speaking Quotes that Inspire

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Here’s a collection of presentation and public speaking quotes to inspire you to improve your skills.

1. “If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it in an hour.” ~ Dianna Booher

Presentation and public speaking quote

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55 Transitions for Polished Presentations

Posted on August 11, 2015 by Slideshop

transition words

Have you ever encountered a presenter who jumped randomly from one point to another, with no sensible train of thought in sight? Unfortunately, some presenters fail to recognize the vital importance of smooth transitions – and then wonder why the audience looks so puzzled, and why their talks never seem to make a lasting impression. At least not a positive impression!

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Calm Your Stage Fright and Speak More Effectively: Breathe!

Posted on August 6, 2015 by Slideshop

Everyone knows that we breathe all the time, without even thinking about it. In fact, we take in and let out more than 10,000 liters of air every day. That’s a lot of work, yet we’re scarcely aware of it.

How lungs work

But did you know that it can pay big dividends if you become aware of your breathing? It’s true. If your work involves conversing with clients, giving presentations, or any other activity that calls for live verbal communication, you can improve your performance by increasing your awareness of your breathing patterns and taking control of them. The good news is, it’s not even difficult to do.

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Humor: The Vitamin E of Public Speaking

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What qualities put a public speaker or presenter at an advantage when stepping up in front of an audience? Well, there are several you could name, but one of the most important is a good sense of humor. You might even call a sense of humor “The presenter’s vitamin E.” Why? Because when you’ve got it, it makes you Entertaining, Engaging, and Effective.

humor public speaking

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Alignment: The Power of a Line

Posted on July 12, 2015 by Slideshop

You’ve thoroughly thought out your presentation’s key points, sourced some point-making illustrations and helpful icons and settled on colors and fonts, what’s next? Making sure your presentations many elements are well aligned.

Best-selling author Garr Reynolds points out that all elements in your presentation are visually connected by an invisible line. When this principle of design is well understood and applied, it creates a visual hierarchy, a sense of unity and coherence, a well-organized layout and easily comprehensible slides. To many, alignment might not seem like such a big deal, but it’s one of the keys to cleaner and more sophisticated presentations.

Text Alignment and Images


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Impostor Syndrome: Why It Can Hurt Your Presentation

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A seminar organizer approaches and asks you to give a talk about leadership. You’ve been a manager at a prestigious tech company for five years, and have received accolades for your outstanding performance. Your know-how, personable character and wisdom have earned you considerable respect in the industry. In a nutshell, you’re highly qualified as a guest speaker.

Yet you decline the invitation.

You doubt your own expertise. Despite your accomplishments and well-deserved reputation, you lack confidence in your knowledge and skills. Regardless of the praise and assurances you’ve received, you find it hard to accept and embrace your own very real success. Your secret fear is that everyone will discover your commendable performance and achievements have been shams.

Impostor Syndrome

This deep feeling of inadequacy has been labelled “impostor syndrome.” It usually stems from incorrect self-assessment. The term first appeared in an article by Suzanne Imes and Pauline Clance, psychological researchers who noticed many high-achieving women tended to underestimate and undervalue their own achievements.

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Five Google Slides Features that Trigger the Switch from PowerPoint

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More Scrum Process Google Slides

Over the past few months we couldn’t help but notice the increase in sales of our Google Slides templates. Even though the Google Slides app has fewer features than PowerPoint, more and more presenters are switching over to Google Slides as their go-to presentation app – possibly because of the practical, easy-to-use features it does offer. Like these:
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Two Experiential Filters Audiences Use to Evaluate Your Presentations

Posted on June 11, 2015 by Slideshop

Guest post by Jeff Shore

More textbox illustrations

The purpose of a presentation is persuasion. That’s it, plain and simple.

Every single presentation – whether a keynote, a sales pitch, an argument or explanation – is designed to bring others around to your way of thinking.

Now, did what I just said make sense? Do you agree with that assessment? If so, I made it through your filters.

If we are to understand how our audiences evaluate our messages, we must begin with the awareness that they listen through two primary filters.

The first filter asks the question, “Does this relate to my past experiences?” The second asks, “Can I apply it to my future?” If the answer to either question is no, the presenter has failed.

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